What Butt?

So it’s my first post, encouraged by Paige and motivated by Cat (who is making me think I can do stuff).  They both have really cool things online, and I realize that a blog is very basic, and yes people have been doing them for years, but because I am the original barnacle butt I am slow to try something new and terrified of change, this feels like a big deal to me.

You probably already know that a barnacle is that little ocean creature you find stuck to the rocks in the tide pools at the beach, or stuck on the hull of a boat, or even stuck on a whale.  The thing is, we barnacles don’t like to move, we like things how they are, and we get all freaky-deaky when we can’t have our way.  Okay, so that part is just me; I’ve never actually seen a barnacle get freaky, but you know what I mean.

So how much do you have to write to call it a post?

I kind of just want to click publish and see if it works because I usually can’t do computer stuff.  Really.  The computers around me get the “cricketts.”  Does that happen to anyone else?  Any computer that has to deal with me on a regular basis will start chirping after awhile, and act stubborn in other ways too, but the chirping like a crickett is the most mystifying.  It’s been happening since I worked at WMZ/Novatech back in 1987. 

Anyway, the universe is not impressed with me being a barnacle.  Apparently it is time for me to get over it!   So that’s what I think I’ll be writing about.   I hope it’s fun. 

P.S.  I love tidepools!


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  1. 1

    cat said,

    Yay, Shelley! Or BB! Whichev! I am so excited that you are jumping into the Blogosphere. SWEET. 🙂

  2. 2

    Mom said,

    When I gave birth to you, I didn’t know I was bringing a tiny barnacle into the world. As it turns out, though, I adore being the mother of something that lives in tidepools — which, by the way, you used to call “tad poles” when I took you to the wonderful ones in Ocean Beach when you were a little girl. Exploring the tad poles and sticking our fingers in the sea anenomes to torture them and make them close was heaven for both of us.

    I love that you’re a blogger, Michelle. Living on the West Coast, I feel too far away from you. Reading your blog, I feel connected. You’ve made me, and all your other fans, very happy. Blog on!

  3. 3

    shelleykennedy said,

    haha mom, i like it. good luck with this

  4. 4

    shelleykennedy said,

    ^ that was madison btw

  5. 5

    shelleykennedy said,

    This is Kate mom, I love your blog but I’m not sure your that much more of a Barnicle Butt than me, but sense you are a few yoear older than I, you probably do have a few bath tubes full of very exciting barnicle butt stories, please do not use this blog too too much as a new evil way to torchure youre absolutly perfect children AKA me!!!

  6. 6

    Jan Signore said,

    you are amazing, Shelley, not enough on your plate already, hmmmm?
    Your Kate was texting my Kate when the beach/Ellie incident happened, we knelt down and prayed right away. We are so glad it turned out fine, I would have been a raving lunatic!
    So happy for you, life is good!

  7. 7

    Diana said,

    Shelley! How amazing to see a bit of your life on the big screen! I am so enjoying your snippets, and adorable *pictures*. I totally commend you for figuring this thing out, and doing it extremely well, I might add. If you hadn’t said so, I’d have thought you’d been blogging forever.

    (I’m honored to be on your blogroll, too – thanks!)



  8. 8

    Leslie said,

    this is megan btw

    if kate can read this, what i her blog address???? i wanna read it!!!!!!!

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