Thank you Lifeguards!

I hear blogs are a good place to keep people updated on my beautiful family. I can say that because I suspect that the only people reading my blog already think my family is beautiful. Soooo, I am going to tell you the story of our memorial day weekend, and, as a bonus, I will highlight the parts of the story that reveal interesting (or not interesting, whatever, you decide, I mean we’re just a family; this isn’t West Wing-how I miss it- or anything) facts about us for those of you who may not be in the know.

On Sunday morning Marc and I took Riley (our super baby dog who we are all crazy about) for a walk. The day was gorgeous, and even though we hadn’t planned anything for Memorial Day (we are really bad at planning), we decided right then that we should be at the beach. We hurried home, got on the phone, and found not one but two sweetheart friends willing to take care of Riley (we have the best friends).

Now I’m going to skip all of the boring parts about getting there and setting up, they don’t say much about us anyway. The only part that is important to the story is that Marc wanted to rent a beach wind block thingie and here, I hope, is a picture of it…

YES! There is a picture. For lunch we went to Dough Boys, this fantastic pizza place on the boardwalk that we pretty much talk about whenever we eat pizza, but not because of their pizza, it’s because of their calzones (all of us obsess overmuch about food). After lunch, we went back to the beach.

By the way, how wierd is it that Maddie and Katie are getting so grown up that they actually lay out?! Reading their books?! I am way too young for this.

Late in the afternoon, all of the smalls were building a sand castle and Marc and I decided to do a romantic stroll on the uber crowded beach (we are a mushy couple). Here is the icky part of the story, and I apologize for any stomach aches it gives you. When we got back, Ellie was gone. For the first ten minutes I was able to look for her calmly; when we didn’t find her I reported it to the lifegaurd. Marc, Maddie and I kept looking for her in different directions, but we were getting fairly frantic. One amazing thing is that as I looked, different people who we had been sitting near kept coming up to me and offering to help. They each told me that they were praying for us.

I can’t even write this in a descriptive way because it makes me a little sick to think about it.

When we hadn’t found Ellie after thirty minutes Marc told me to call the police while he kept looking. I went to the lifegaurd and asked her to call the police. Her nonchalance surprised me; she tried to talk me out of it, reminding me that she had only been missing for thirty minutes. Only!

I met the beach police up on the boardwalk, they were on bikes. By then I was nearly hysterical, but they were super professional and helped me calm down. They told me immediately that they would find Ellie within the hour, and then they shared this little piece of mind boggling informtion, “don’t worry ma’am,” they said, “on a holiday like today we get reports of seventy to a hundred missing kids a day.” Then one of the officers told me the best part, “I’ve been working the beach for six years now and we have never not found one.”

When he told me that I was able to take a deep breath, calm down, and daintily throw up in the near by trash can (I am a worrier, if you know me then that is definately not news). And he was right, within a few minutes he had a call that the lifeguards had found Ellie a mere eight blocks from where we were. I was now free to bawl heavily while we waited for them to drive her to us. Before they could bring her they needed to drop off another lost and found child, and when the truck arrived they had another boy in it on his way to be reunited with his fam also. WEIRD!

So, to sum up, I am grateful for kind strangers, cell phones, prayers, digital cameras (to show everyone what she looked like), calm police officers, LIFEGUARDS, and my little princess…

If you are wondering, like Marc, why she walked eight blocks on her own when we can’t get her to walk any distance without a major whine fest, it’s because, in her own words, “I wanted to put my shells away, but I missed our umbrella.” Be still my heart.


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  1. 1

    Mandy said,

    Wow, I am so glad you found Ellie! I like your blog and don’t worry….the best part about blogging is that you can pretty much write whatever you want whenever you want. Have a happy day!

  2. 2

    Aunt Colleen said,

    This disappearing act of Ellie’s seems to be a habit–maybe you have a little Houdnini on your hands. Or the princess needs a leash 😉

    What a great way for me to have some idea what’s going on in your life. You can count me as a regular reader. Just got an email from your mom about Marc’s trip to SF. What happened? Sounds like he did a little houdini on your mom and dad.

    Love your barnacle butt!

  3. 3

    Nick said,

    AACK! I’d have been frantic too! My little guy ran off out of the mall play area on Tuesday and was HAULIN’ it down the mall… I managed to catch him just in time…but it still makes me sick to to think about the “what if’s…”

    BTW~ I love reading the blog…glad to see you joined the masses!

  4. 4

    Karen said,

    Great fun to read! Your scare with Ellie reminds me of the adventure Will and Avery V. tok into the woods when we first moved here. It, too, involved the police, unknown neighbors, and a couple of frantic moms.

    Be sure to add us to your blogroll!!

  5. 5

    Becca Ford said,

    I just had a heart attack while I was reading this!!!!!!!! I knew (since I hadn’t heard anything) that she was obviously safe – but it scared the heck out of me all the same. I am sooo soooo glad that our sweet Ellie was safe! Wow!
    I’m so excited that you have a blog! I need to start one too. I love you guys and miss you so much!!!!!

  6. 6

    Leslie said,

    Even though I had already heard the story, it made a knot again in my stomach as I read it. I already shared with you that this is my worst nightmare…scares me to death. I’m glad it ended well and gave you a little boost of faith at the same time. This was fun to read. Love ya!

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