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I just read over that post I posted earlier today and I think it sounds a little snippy and I ought to apologize. Marc would just cringe if he read that, he says I apologize way too much, as if everything is my fault. But that, gentle reader, is an entirely different topic than what I have in mind right now.

What I’m thinking about right now is this last week and and how I have handled it. As afore to mentioned, there was a lot going on this week. Most of it was really good stuff, but I let my worries and insecurities get in the way of really enjoying it.

As most of you know, Marc is looking for a job. And even though I know that a job is absolutely necessary to the maintenance of a six person family, I like to wallow in all kinds of “what if” types of worry about what kind of job, where will said job take us, will we find a house, when will we move, where will the smalls go to school, how long will it take to find the job, blah, blah blah…


So instead of really enjoying all of the end of the year hoopla, I’ve been kind of cranky and frantic. Everyone’s favorite wife/mother qualities, no doubt!

What I’m really wondering is, why do I fall back into that cycle of doubt and worry? Over the past three years the Lord has surely shown me that he has my back. I believe my turn around time from doubt to faith is getting shorter, but I’d like to grow up enough to just let the doubt go. Well, I’m working on it.

When the doubt comes I try to review the lessons of the last few years:

Consider the lilies

“I loved to choose and see my path but now, lead thou me on!”

pray and read

everything will work out for my good

See, I just need to push my reset button. So tomorrow, or maybe Monday, I will really get up those posts about my wonderful smalls who I am so grateful for and who are, by the way, so darn cute!


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  1. 1

    Mom said,

    “So darn cute!” is so darn right. The smalls are beyond the beyond. Of course many would say I’m biased because I’m one of their doting grandmothers, but I swear that I would say it if these kids belonged to a stranger. Also, the photos themselves are wonderful. Meesh — are you the photographer? You’ve got that pesky composition thing down pat.

    Hey Barnacle, AKA, budding techno-dweeb — try not to delete this comment by accident this time. I hate feeling deleted, even if its only from the digital universe, not the physical one.

    Hope Father’s Day is happy for the Father and all the other Fosses.

  2. 2

    shelleykennedy said,

    1. I am the photographer, I just wish I had a better camera.
    2. I’ve got it figured out now, I know the delete is obnoxious.
    3. If you want to edit your comments I think I have to do it from my dashboard so just send me the changes, even in a regular e-mail is okay. I hope I posted the right one?

  3. 3

    Mom said,

    Yup, you posted the right one.

    Incidentally, just now I spent an hour or so with a dear friend who commented during our conversation that she just hates change. I immediately said,”I’m going to point you to Michelle’s new blog. She lays claim to being a barnacle, too, and she’s writing about her efforts — successful, I might add — to change that state of affairs.” So, your readership will be expanding by one shortly. Michelle, it tickles me no end that I’m pointing a 65-year-old friend to the blog of my 38-year-old beautiful human being of a daughter. You truly inspire me with your insightfulness.

    P.S. I figured out that it doesn’t hurt for me to proofread my comments before I hit that “submit comment” button….hmmm, an insight in its own right.

  4. 4

    Nick said,

    HOLY COW!!! You are one busy lady!! BTW~I laughed out loud when I read your post from earlier yesterday…as did Chris when I read it to him (while he was enjoying his Father’s day playing the Wii!) Didn’t sound snippy to us at all! I can only imagine how crazy the end of the year is for your family and I thoroughly enjoy each of your postings (pictures and musings) knowing how time consuming this technology stuff can be!

  5. 5

    shelleykennedy said,

    You guys are so lucky you have a Wii! Jonathan says he will give up all his earthly possessions if we will just buy him one.

  6. 6

    Mandy said,

    I definitely understand getting caught up in the “cycle of fretting” as I like to call it! Where you just get so wound up in What ifs? and then whats? Kinda sorry I missed the “snippy” post, I am sure it was fine! Thanks for the “consider the lilies” idea. Amazing how no matter how often we are taken care of and watched over it is still so hard to just trust that everything will work out!

  7. 7

    Shawni said,

    Ok Shelley, I just found your blog through Heather’s, and I have to say, WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED TO YOUR SMALL KIDS??? How in the world did they grow up so fast? It’s killing me! They were all just babies and now look at them. I’m completely baffled. Look how beautiful those girls are and Jonathan…what a cutie. I’m so glad I found this blog! When you left me a comment on mine I couldn’t figure out whether you had one or not…couldn’t connect anywhere. So I’m so glad I found this. You are a great writer too. Love it. Blogs are the best. It kinda forces you to keep a record of life. Anyway, sure miss you!

  8. 8

    Lori said,

    Hey, Michelle!

    Way to go — I’m soooooooooo impressed that you can do this kind of stuff! I don’t even know how to check e-mail half the time, have never *tried* to take a digital picture, would have no idea how to post a photo on a blog if I had one, and usually crash my computer when I’m really just trying to hit the “on” button. So feel confident that you are light-years ahead of at least one other person our age on the technology front. (Er, not to mention the having-kids-to-put-*in*-photos front… (-; )

    So a huge “congratulations” to you for trying something new and interesting, and big hugs to all the fast-growing kids in the pictures! I hope you all have a great summer! (-:

  9. 9

    Auntie Tonya said,

    How cool is this! I can keep up with things going on with you. I sure miss you guys. Give everyone hugs and kisses. Happy Belated Birthday to Madison. Congrats to Jonathan and Katie. How cute you are Miss Piggy!

    Luv U!

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