This Little Piggy

I’m afraid that I am super tired and won’t be able to write anything amusing, and maybe not even coherent. But I have wanted to get up a few more pictures from the adorable Three Piggy Opera, and hopefully a video clip too. My next big techno accomplishment is going to be including an actual link in my post, but I’m not trying it tonight because, who needs the frustration?

But here she is folks. The best line from the opera is, I think, “The big bad wolf, he was hungry for pork, hungry for pork, hungry for PORK! The big, bad wolf, he was hungry for pork…so he snuck into town with his knife and his FORK! I sing that to myself while I do the dishes. But I didn’t get that on film. What we have here is a rousing chores of, “I want a big, fat pig to eat!” Enjoy all the children in the audience too.

And here are a couple more pictures just for fun. Incidentally, if you go to youtube and search for Three Piggy Opera, you’ll get a bunch more kindergarteners singing pig songs…and I can’t think why you would want to do that, but again, I’m tired.

Ellie is the piggy on the left. She is a brick peddler. Marc and I were so relieved that she got a part (names were drawn from a hat). Can you imagine the trauma if she hadn’t?

Sweet dreams!


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    Jan Signore said,

    I love the look on Ellie’s face in the last picture, confident/so pleased with myself
    in a calm, knew i could do it way.

    I miss you, Shelley! We need to get together, we are in town for this week and
    next, saw Maddie briefly at efy from a distance!

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