Maddie’s Back!

Maddie has been at EFY all week and I am so happy to have my baby girl home today! Especially For Youth is a church camp and she was at a session at Southern Virginia University in Buena Vista, Virginia, about three hours from home. Katie and I missed her so much (even though we did eat all the truffle cheese while she was gone)! I am not allowed to reveal too much personal information, but I’m going to try to get her to do an entry on my blog so she can tell you how much fun she had. In the meantime, here’s a picture…with a boy…who is cute…and I am going to be in trouble for sharing. But hey, inquiring minds want to know.

As darling as this is, I suddenly feel nervous. Marc is NOT going to like it.


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  1. 1

    Aunt Colleen said,

    I think that Marc must have paid that guy in the background with the glasses to keep an eye on our darling Madison. My, my…she is growing into a beautiful young hottie!

    Aunt Colleen

  2. 2

    Sugar B... said,

    WOW! What a gorgeous young lady she has turned out to be. She does have all her “stuff” together and the confidence certainly does shine. You did good, Shelley.

  3. 3

    shelleykennedy said,

    Thanks Mom, thanks Aunt Colleen. I think she’s pretty nifty myself!

  4. 4

    Sep said,


    My name is Sep Kamvar, and I’m a digital artist and computer scientist based out of San Francisco. Excuse me for contacting you by way of a comment- i could not find another way. A few years ago my collaborator and I made a project called “We Feel Fine” (, which collects human feelings from the Internet. Basically, it searches blogs for occurrences of the phrase “i feel”, and when it finds an occurrence, it automatically adds the surrounding sentence to a database. The project has been running for more than three years, and collects around 20,000 new feelings per day, having collected around 13 million feelings in all.

    We are currently working on a book about We Feel Fine to by published by Simon and Schuster. In assembling the book we have searched through millions of feelings captured by We Feel Fine in hopes of selecting what we believe to be the most powerful. From statements that made us laugh to ones that made us cry, the most important criteria was that they simply made us feel. One of these selected statements and images was authored by you. You can view the image here :
    And the statement reads : “I suddenly feel nervous.”

    I am contacting you today to ask if you would allow us to include your image and statement in the book. We think this is a really beautiful sentiment and would love love for it to be part of the book.

    Please let me know if you would be interested in participating. It would truly be our honor. If you decide you would prefer not to be included I thank you anyway and hope you will continue to express yourself as openly and beautifully as you did in this case.


    Sep Kamvar


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