Camp Maddie and Katie

I wanted to post a lot more last week but by the end of each day I was so beat that all I could do was flop on the couch and watch the “magic picture box” as Jeff calls it. The reasons for being so bushed were a. I’m getting on in the years, b. I stay up too late watching Lost, and c. Maddie and Katie hosted their annual summer preschool camp.

Preschool camp was inspired by several factors, the main two being I’m crazy and I hate to pay for stuff. This way, Maddie and Katie get to have seven kids ranging in age from two to six over for three hours every day and they do crafts (messy), and have play time (messy, messy), and eat lunch (wow messy). But it is worth it because I am satisfied that they are thus learning how to work, gaining valuable diaper changing skills, earning money to PAY FOR THEIR OWN summer fun (I know you two think I’m not really going to make you do this but I am!), and best of all…not spending their entire summer playing and having fun. Because I really hate that.

They did a very good job.

Each day had a theme, like cooking day where they made cookies, or imagination day where they played dress up and made crowns and wands.

So it was totally successful, but by the end of the week my house was messy, messy, wow messy, and I am feeling my age folks. I am.


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    Sugar B... said,

    I can’t really tell if this photo was taken at the first of the week or at the
    end of the week but, nonetheless, what sweet faces we see. Props
    Shelley for helping your children understand that all the wonderful
    physical things we have in life usually come with some kind of work
    and/or sacrifice. The idea that parents have a forever full bucket of
    bucks hanging in the backyard tree surely does not do our children
    any favors. We are really proud of you and love you Shelley,
    Maddie and Katie!

  2. 2

    Aunt Colleen said,

    Kudos to Maddie and Katie for surviving the week, and to you, of course, Shelley, for creating the opportunity for learning and a taste of the real life of a mother, eh?

    I love your blog, dear niece. Being so far from you, as my sister knows, is so frustrrating. This has allowed me to enjoy you and your family in a remotely personal way. This is the best of what this medium allows us to do.

  3. 3

    […] I took them to the bank on Thursday to open savings accounts. They each had about $250 from their day care camp that they did last month. Marc and I decided that after they paid their 10% tithing they should […]

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