A Day Alone

Today I owe a big, humongous “thank you” to Steph and Blake, my in-laws in Virginia for taking Jonathan and Ellie for an overnighter. That means, oh…my…gosh. Marc and I are alone. Alone. Alone! Let me share with you what we’ve done, don’t worry, it won’t burn your ears.

Ellie and Jonathan were ready to go pretty much from the moment they woke up this morning, but we didn’t drop them off until around 2:30pm. We were planning to drive into D.C. to checkout this new exhibit at the National Gallery of Art of artifacts from Afghanistan, but since the museums close at 5pm, we decided to wait until tomorrow and instead improve our minds and enrich our cultural awareness by seeing “Hellboy 2” And we both liked it, because we like comic book movies. But it wasn’t as good as “Iron Man.”

After that we went to an Irish pub/restaurant that I read about in “Northern Virginia” magazine called “O’Faolain’s.” Marc and I have this thang about trying out new restaurants. It’s like an eating sickness. But a good kind because food is happy. Right? Moving on, I can’t actually rationalize or excuse our eating out problem; it just is. Anyway, fun pub. I took some pictures, so if you live around here you can maybe go get some chicken potpie for yourself, it was totally good with lots of chicken and peas and a very flaky, buttery (buttery!) crust.

Yum. Marc had the corn beef and cabbage and we shared the mussels in pepper, garlic, cream sauce. They were super good. They were so good that as I ate them I could almost forget that my Dad refers to mussels as the garbage of the ocean and just enjoy them. Oh, and even though our waiter didn’t have an Irish accent, the people at the table behind us did. I wasn’t eves dropping; I could just hear, okay?


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    Mom said,

    “The garbage of the ocean” isn’t so bad. Whenever I eat mussels or oysters, both of which I completely love, I can’t get it out of my head that Dave Barry calls them “elephant boogers.” The image just isn’t pretty … but it’s so right-on-target.

  2. 2

    Nick said,

    Maybe it’s hereditary…. ‘cuz I just LOVE to eat out! I mean, doesn’t food just taste soooo much better when someone else plans for it, shops for it, prepares it and cleans up after you??!!! I was recently asked my favorite food and, although I must confess a supreme affinity for sweets of the high-caloric variety, I realized at that moment that I just love food…someone else’s food! AND…what a treat if, while I am eating the food prepared by someone else, I don’t have to watch out for flying crayons, cars, etc. or pick up all the schmuck that we have managed to get all over the highchair, table, floor….and so on!

    So I truly envy your pub night, because, alas, my husbands favorite restaurant is… our kitchen table. UGH!

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