National Art Museum

Today dawned gloriously child free, and thanks to Paige, it stayed that way. (Note: the big girls are still at camp and the two littles spent the night at Stephanie’s and then she dropped them at Paige’s house, a la my super planning). Marc and I decided to celebrate by lounging around in our sexy grown up pajamas instead of our usual sweats and check our e-mail and have breakfast and feel all grown up. Why does having no kids around make me feel like a grown-up? Kids don’t usually have kids, so the fact that I have four should make me feel very grown-up, right? Well, whatever.

We did head over to the National Art Gallery, and it was well worth it. I love the smell of museum air. Even more than mall air! Yes, that much. These artifacts were thought to be destroyed when the Taliban took over Afghanistan, but several brave museum curators had hidden them in vaults below the royal palace. I wanted to take pictures for you, but it was hard because my camera is so crappy, snappy, plus there were guards everywhere telling you/me not to. I tried to be sneaky, but I got caught twice. Here is what I did get:

These glass fish water vessels, so beautiful in person.

And here are some better photos off of the museum web site:

After awhile I realized I was worrying more about taking pictures than actually looking at the artifacts, so I put my camera away. I loved the 25 minute movie about the initial excavations and then rediscovery of the treasure, too. It is narrated by Khaled Hosseini who wrote The Kite Runner.

Later we wandered around some of the other exhibits; we have both been here several times (for free, thank you taxes!) and we have our favorites. I get tired quickly though, because I feel compelled to analyze each painting I look at and come up with insightful (snort) comments (only heard in my head), because there must be some phantom art history professor waiting to grade me . I’m not making this up.

Today I tried to live in the moment, relax and just enjoy the art and here is what I came up with:

Maybe Tracy Chevalier will write a sequel and call it Man with a Pearl Earring. Lame, I know.


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  1. 1

    Nick said,

    Sounds like a perfectly lovely day!

    I was actually THROWN OUT of a museum in Greece because I used my flash (accidentally, since when my camera timed out the flash reset from off to auto) on a stone horse that had been OUTSIDE for over 2000 years!!! Apparently the guard thought it best to punish me and leave my 15 middle and high school students without a chaperon… not MY idea of a wise choice, but hey, what do I know?!

  2. 2

    Aunt Colleen said,

    What a treat for you and Marc to have some grown-up time to yourselves! The artifacts look awesome. And so does Becca’s smile. She looks very happy, and what a cute couple.

    I just caught up on a week’s worth of blog entries, so will comment on the last few once, here. I saw Get Smart, too, and agree with your rating. Silly is good for grown-ups, too. I’m looking forward to Mama Mia. Love the life breaking out in song movies. Wouldn’t that make real life more fun? Try it today.

    I’m so proud of my smelly camplettes for their honesty. Living without a cell phone must be so painful for them, but it sounds like they filled their time with fun, in-person activities. As for my angry Ellielette, no one could be mad when they dance.

    I want a Paul.

    Don’t worry; God probably appreciates that your hair smells good. Good people should have good-smelling hair!

    I love you and yours and will check out Marc’s blog. Sometimes I hate computers, but I love this way of staying in touch with your lives.

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