Gladys Knight at Wolftrap

Obviously, I don’t know how to do clever post titles. I see that other bloggers can do it, write intriguing little teasers that make you want to read their stuff, but the talent eludes me. Plus I’m too darn busy to think about my titles for more than a minute. Because I need to go get a snack or something. So you, insightful reader that you are, have already deduced that I went to the Gladys Knight concert at Wolftrap (“where the arts come out to play”). And it was AWESOME! Here she is:

I just think she deserves a full on huge picture because her performance was so great, and she was totally classy, and funny, and beautiful, and she can even dance. Whoohoo!

My sister/wife Traci, (she says she wants to be my sister or marry me because I am that nifty) took me to the concert. This is us before it started; Wolftrap is an “open air” venue, and that is why we are so shiny. It was like, 300 degrees out.

An interesting side note is that I, as a white person, was clearly in the minority. That didn’t bug, but what was awkward was that I was totally under dressed. I was probably the dumpiest, frumpiest, white person there. But whatever, Traci still loves me and we just danced in our chairs (fantastic box seats by the way) and sang along. It was one of those great nights where I was exactly where I wanted to be, doing exactly what I wanted to be doing. Love it!

I made my own tiny movie of “Midnight Train to Georgia,” on the crappy-snappy, but this one is better. Enjoy.


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  1. 1

    Mom said,

    I think we were both in the groove last night. I went to see The Night Watcher, a one-woman play written and acted by Charlayne Woodard. She is an incredible, amazing black woman whose talents just overwhelmed me. Her physicality, alone, was stunning: she could make her body do anything to portray the idea or give power to the words. Her new play is in development, so what we saw was called a “page-to-stage” play — meaning that for four weeks the play is refined based on audience reaction during each performance. I’ve never seen a page-to-stage, so I found it fascinating.

  2. 2

    Sugar B... said,

    We were able to see her in Las Vegas about 3 years ago, sat in the 2

  3. 3

    Sugar B... said,

    Not quite sure how I was cut off so rudely, but let’s try again. We were able to sit in the 2nd row because our friend is partially blind and it was truly an awesome event! She is still a remarkable entertainer. I’m so delighted you were able to have such a grand “girls night out”.

  4. 4

    shelleykennedy said,

    Me too, I am very lucky!

  5. 5

    Mandy said,

    wow, sounds like a great time! we still need to go out to dinner…christian and i love trying new places to eat with friends. hopefully after i get back from cali.

  6. 6

    katrina said,

    we passed you on the toll road while you were on your way to the concert. we, however were being obedient little boogers and went to the temple. sigh

  7. 7

    Mom said,

    I just played Midnight Train AGAIN for about the 20th time since you posted it. I was struggling to write a newsletter article for my client who builds sewage treatment plants, and I just needed an instant pick-me-up. Michelle, your blog is THE BEST. Thank you for all of the instant pick-me-ups you are giving me! I love you.

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