A Storm is Brewing

I have two things to share tonight. The first is, look at these pictures.

Isn’t it amazing? These are pictures of the storm moving over our home tonight. I have never seen anything like it. We all went outside to watch the two fronts collide and create this swirling, undulating cloud mass that looked like it was going to descend right on us. Ellie got scared and ran inside to hide, it was that good and freaky. It reminded me of the movie “War of the Worlds,” when Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning are out watching the storm coming and, you know, it turns out to be aliens. But so far we are alien free.

And the second thing I want to mention is, farntz blat, (those are my Mormon bad words) it is so irritating that Paul can take better pictures with his phone than I can with the crappy snappy. Granted his phone is the stellar new iphone 3G which makes us drooly, but still, mine is a real camera for pete’s sake. All it’s supposed to do is take pictures.

There.  Look.  Drool.

There. Look. Drool.

I am, in fact, irritated enough to reveal that the crappy snappy is a Nikon Coolpix S200, and I don’t think you should buy one. Even if you see it for a great price at Costco.


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    Mom said,

    I’ve been reading about, and thinking about, “the crappy snappy” for awhile now … well, since you started your blog … and I would REALLY like to get a new not-crappy snappy for you. I’m writing this comment tonight to ask you to puh-lease tell me which camera you have been hankering for (or for which you’ve been hankering if we want to be grammatically correct). It would bring me a whole big lot of pleasure to send you the camera of your blog dreams. So, will you let me know what you would like? (And, no, I do not expect a thank you!)

    P.S. The storm photos you took are awesome, even if Paul can take better pictures with his phone. I wish I were there in your yard with you, looking at those magnificent clouds collidiing. Your pix make me remember the time I was there during an ice storm, and all the trees were wearing diamonds. As you know, we have no weather in San Diego, but you make up for it. I love you! Mom

  2. 2

    Aunt Colleen said,

    Absolutely awesome!

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