My Good Things

Marc has suggested that I should share the things I like on my blog, like a product review kind of thing. Everything is so serious with him! But last night I took Mandy’s advice and picked up the Haggan Dazs White Chocolate Raspberry Truffel, and ate it while we watched the season finale of Lost season four, and I was glad, yes I was, for her lovely recommendation. In the interest of full disclosure I have to say that my serious sweetie picked up the ice cream for me which was super nice of him since he isn’t eating any while on BFL.

And he didn’t even have one bite; let’s give him a hand!

Also, now that I’ve re-checked Mandy’s post I see that she was lamenting the loss of a Ben and Jerry’s flavor, so maybe my find will be helpful to her.

AND, the final episode of LOST! I love this show. I will have to save my thoughts for another post, right now I am just in shock and awe. HOW does Ben do it?

Um, so back to the product review thing. I like this eyeliner brush. Marc bought me some make-up brushes for mother’s day and this is my absolute favorite. I usually don’t wear eyeliner because I can’t remember to buy it, and then if I do those girls steal it, but this brush is awesome because with it you can turn any eye shadow into eyeliner. You just get it wet and swirl it around in the eye shadow and viola! Eyeliner!

So there! Later I may tell you about my washer and dryer. I love them too.


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    maddie said,

    hey mom i started a blog. yay me

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