Support Mommycast! (yep, I’m pimpin’)

I know you know that I have been using my blog to improve my techno-skillage, right? So now I have a little techno challenge for you; can you help me support my friends Paige and Gretch at mommycast?

It will be fun.

Lesson time…a podcast is like a radio show except it is posted on the internet so that listeners can listen to it whenever they want. Since I am ipodless, I just go to their sight, click play, and then listen to their show while I’m reviewing deeds or whatever. Definitely makes the job more enjoyable. But the ipod blessed can do it the right way and subscribe to Mommycast through itunes and then download the shows to their ipod companions and listen to the shows anywhere. Wow, I totally sound like I know what I’m talking about don’t I? You don’t necessarily have to answer that.

Okay, see how that paragraph focused on the word “listen,” that’s actually the old news. The new thing is Mommycast videos. And I have to say, Paige and Gretch are super cute in their videos. Even cuter than I expected them to be, and I am their good friend. You should go watch them. It’s funny. I love funny. Like when they dance in front of the green screen.

I’m back on topic! If we want more videos, and we do (because the more cool stuff they get to do, the more likely it is I’ll get invited to come along, or meet someone famous-I already got to have my back and arm in one of the videos) then we need to vote for them on itunes. Give them a bazillion stars, or five. And leave positive comments. Please?

Here, I think, is how you do it. Go to itunes…oh, wait, wait, Paige and Gretchen explain it better than I will here. But if the link doesn’t work for you, then go to your itunes account (If you don’t have one you have to ask someone else how to get it, cause Maddie made mine. I am a baby tech, okay). Go to the itunes store and search “mommycast videos.” Their page will come up with a place to subscribe, and even more importantly for my selfish purposes, leave a glowing comment! Please.

Remember I gave you “the cake?” Now you can do this for me.


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