When it was Good it was Very, Very Good…

We got back last night from our trip to Charlotte to visit Becca and Troy.

The starter in my car went out the day before we left to the tune of $1200, that’s bad!

But it didn’t happen at some random McDonalds in Durham, North Carolina, that’s good.

I had to drive without Marc (bad), because he was at an interview with Ernst & Young (good), but Becca rode with me and we got to catch up for six hours (that’s six goods for sure!).

Charlotte is darling, Becca and Troy are great cooks, spent Saturday at the pool, Becca Warbucks got pedis for Me, Maddie, and Katie, window shopped, played games, and got fabulous hair cut. That’s eight goods!

We were in the pool so long it made Ellie a raisin.

We were in the pool so long it made Ellie a raisin.

On Monday we had to say goodbye (sniff) to Becca and Troy and drive up to Norfolk where Marc had another job interview (good), but when we got there I realized I’d left Marc’s suite at Becca’s (I’m in so much trouble bad), so Becca and Troy drove three hours to meet us halfway in the middle of the night (can I call that good?), and we got back to the hotel in time for Marc to sleep three hours and then go to the interview.

Incidentally, we got a great deal on our hotel through priceline, that’s good.

But it was full of wrestlers there for the WWWF convention/exhibition/whatever it is they do the next night, that’s bad.

I took the kids to Virginia Beach while Marc interviewed (good), and I got a bad sunburn (bad), but I didn’t loose Ellie (good), and Marc’s interview went well (GOOD).

And now we’re home. I put Marc on a plane this morning to San Fransisco for another interview. If you are the praying type, please say one for him; that would be good.

P.S. Three more Goods:

I’m back with my doggie

I got my new camera (Thank YOU, Grandma Diana!)

Joshua won SYTYCD


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  1. 1

    Mom said,

    What a great adventure the Charlotte caper was! I was counting, and I think the goods outweighed the bads, except for maybe that pesky car starter thing and that really pesky forgetting the suit thing. Your staying in a hotel filled with wrestlers reminds me of the time my friend and I were in a Virginia Beach hotel the weekend of the Monster Truck Convention AND then the Harley Convention came to the next town we went to and pretty much followed up all down the Outer Banks. Are the Katie self-portraits done with the new camera? Because they are wonderful photos, and she is so super-modelly her very own self. P.S. Great hair on you, girl.

  2. 2

    Sugar B... said,

    Do you remember the weekend we had our office annual planning conference at a San Francisco Marriott and the Furry Convention was also there? All good when we stayed in our rooms, but all bad when we had to ride in the elevators with all the critters! We’ve had some good laughs.

    Yahoo! Joshua!

  3. 3

    Aunt Colleen said,

    Looks like you had a fun vacation, for the most part (boohoo on the starter and the suit). I’ll definitely say a prayer for Marc. Do you know I used to work for Ernst and Young? Back then, though, it was Ernst and Whinney.

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