It IS a Dog’s World

Things are getting out of hand. The kids and I can all fly jet blue for $847 total but they won’t take big doggies so it’s costing $700 for Marc and Riley to fly on United.

Riley also has to have a certificate of health and updated immunizations to fly…$300

His airline approved dog carrier/crate, a mere, $160

Vet approved toy that the prince can’t hurt himself with on the flight $25

Trip to the groomer so he has a nice hair cut and smells good for the two weeks we’re staying at my parents house (plus I am not squeezing his anal glands myself!) $75

Seriously, I hope they are serving all the pooches cocktails and canapes down in cargo, we’ve paid for them!


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  1. 1

    audrey said,

    Hi Shelley! We will miss you guys so much. I can’t believe how much it costs for Riley! That is crazy talk.. I hope it’s okay that I borrowed a couple of pictures off your blog for the ward newsletter. You have an awesome blog. I also listen to the mommy-cast. I heard the story about Ellie getting lost at the beach, they never said names, but I knew that it was you guys!

  2. 2

    Mom said,

    Having Riley as a member of your family…priceless.

  3. 3

    Nick said,

    WOW! That’s a lot of money and fuss… for less than half of that we had Zeus driven across country by a pet-transport service. The airlines wouldn’t take him in the winter because the hold area would have been too cold. They even “hotel-ed” (although it was more like a spa since he had a platform bed and a private TV in his suite!) him for a few days while we were in a hotel ourselves, waiting for our stuff on the moving truck to arrive. So, Miss’s “big brother” went from Temecula to Texas (the hotel) and then on to Chester, VA in about 10 days. I kinda felt it was less traumatic for him too, since we’d always taken him with us and he loved car rides. The things we do for the ones (four-legged and all) we love!

  4. 4

    shelleykennedy said,

    Ahhh, I kind of wish I didn’t know that. I’ve been feeling bad about Riley traveling in cargo, but I didn’t think to look for an alternative.

  5. 5

    AdreAnn said,

    what kind of poochie is he?

  6. 6

    shelleykennedy said,

    He’s an adorable 5 year old Airedale terrier.

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