Clever Little Insomnia

Last night I decided it would be a fine idea to stay awake worrying instead of sleeping.  That way I could think about all of the stuff I still need to do, but not actually do anything productive.  Good times.

I was also able to spend a good amount of the night thinking about our friends who have been so kind, supportive, and loving.  Jan and Leslie have been over here organizing, and packing, Paul has been moving furniture, taking apart the trampoline, and taking us to dinner.  Maurine and Micaela showed up with lunch for us during our garage sale ($550 BAM!).  They are so generous and efficient I’m afraid we might actually be ready to move.  Deep breaths.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt this sad and happy at the same time.


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    Nick said,

    I can totally understand where you are right now… Or at least pretend to! We have moved a few times (close to family and away, across the country and back again) and each has its own set of anticipation and despair. When I find myself caught in the depths of despair, I make lists! It sounds silly, I know. But, even in the darkest hours of night (which by the way, the cable, phone, utilities, etc. are still answering their phones…) I can write down all the little details that are filling my sleepless nights and plan out how to attack them in the morning. And, even more importantly, I list out the pros and cons of the move. Telling myself that we are making the move for specific reasons and then looking at them helps to reinforce that what we are doing is the right move for my family. Most always, on the cons list is my emotional attachment to the people and places we are leaving behind. So, then I make new lists of ways to see them, call them, contact them and maintain those relationships. With my plans in place, I can dream about seeing the ones I’ll miss, long before I have to miss them.

    Love and kisses to all…. and a safe journey!

  2. 2

    Mandy said,

    You will be greatly missed 😦

    But at the same time I am so excited for you and your family. Christian and I will definitely have to come visit. By the way, I have your books. Do you need any help? I am just doing nothing tonight while Christian is at YM’s so call me if I can help with packing or anything.

    You’ll do great in CA, and just remember, it is the promised land so all the good people end up there someday 😉

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