Today we will go to church in our new ward; I’m nervous.

When we first moved to Virginia it took me forever to make friends because I was so insecure and thought no one would like me because they already had enough friends or something dumb like that.  When I think about it now I can’t really recall what I was thinking because it was so dumb.  Dumb.

Now in my old age I have learned that people are pretty spectacular and probably just waiting to be my friends and maybe even need my friendship, but still, I get nervous on the first day of meeting my new ward family.  Plus I forgot to pack church clothes so I’ll have to wear like a skirt and t-shirt or something.  I know that’s superfluous, but still, I hope my hair looks good.

My plan is to be like Sara Slatter and Leslie Garner who are so cool and make friends so easily.  But first I’ll have to get some great stories and fun family traditions.  Wish us luck, I want my kids to make friends too.

Speaking of friends, here are some pictures of Maddie and her sweet friends who threw her a going away party wherein they dressed up and went boweling and to Potbellies.  These are all friends she made in the one year we were in Fairfax.  It gives me hope.


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    Mandy said,

    Your ward family misses you here. I’m sure your new CA ward will love you and that everyone will have new friends in no time…after all, Californian’s are super nice and totally awesome 🙂

  2. 2

    heather said,

    Miss you guys. I know you will be just fine. If anyone wants a “friend” reference, I will write up something for you…cause you are a perfect friend. Did my first deed.

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