A Better Day

To all my friends who sent their love, advice, support, and sympathy when I posted about the smalls’ sad day (and my sad heart), THANK YOU!  Your messages really do help.  I’ve read them over several times so I can be inspired plus miss you at the same time.  Twofer.

Today was better.  We got to school with fewer tears and everyone came home tear free.  Even Marc.

I did take some pictures of the first day of school. 



So, not to sound selfish or anything, but now that those kids all have full day school…when do the naps and shopping kick in?  And, is anyone else dying with homework?  I am dying.  It doesn’t help that I have the attention span of a fly (butterfly), however I do enjoy trotting out my Spanish skillz to help Maddie.  Yo soy muy rusty.


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    Nick said,

    I am sooooo glad that today was a better day. I was worrying about you and yours as much as me and mine! I got back to lovely (sweltering) AZ Wednesday night in time to put my littles to bed-YES! and they have been stuck to me ever since–OH NO!! I guess I understand since I left them for a week to go and care for “Nana,” but YIKES! Miss didn’t even want to go to school today (and she LOVES Pre-K!) and wanted to stay home with Sir and Me. Then I told her that we weren’t going to be home, but out running errands since there is no food in the house. Thankfully she agreed that school was better than marketing and getting the oil changed in the van. UGH! Crisis Averted!! Then Sir is afraid to let go of me every time I put him into bed, both naptime and bedtime. When you find that magic naptime for mommies, would you please hook me up? I am dying here!

    P.S. I have updated our blog so you can check out some current pics!

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    Paige said,

    I love you. And I miss you. And all your smalls. And your parents’ house is in a nice neighborhood.

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