It Gets Better

Now that the kids are doing better, I feel I can mention some of the things I like about California.

1.  Dry heat.  Because my hair drys faster, I get fewer zits, and it feels so good.  Luv it.

2.  The plant life.  Seriously, palm trees, eucalyptus, flowers everywhere.  It just smells good outside.

3.  Awesome restaurants abound!  So much food, so little time.

4.  At back to school night, there were parents in ripped jeans and flip flops.  Yes, there were.  Not, me of course…but maybe next year.

5.  Running into people from my past.  Tonight Maddie is babysitting the kids of a guy I grew up with.  I’m fat and he has salt and pepper hair.  Twilight Zone, but cool.

6.  Family.  Gotta thank my parents for letting us live with them and borrow their cars.  But I want my stuff.  My stuff in my house.  With my stuff.  Mine.  Because I forgot to pack sweats and I want them that’s why.

This is the beautiful view from my parents hill.


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  1. 1

    AdreAnn said,



  2. 2

    heather said,

    You sound like you. The you I love and miss. Enjoy the dry heat. Today in VA it is 95 and HUMID.

  3. 3

    Jan said,

    Now you are making me jealous!
    I love the laid-back California thing. Why live any other way? (at least that’s what I think when I am on vacation there!).
    So glad things are better!

  4. 4

    katrina said,

    you still don’t have your cars? Oh the frustrations!
    So, you mean you don’t have to “chew the air, before you breathe it”? lol

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