My same lament

I know it’s redundant, but I want in my house.  And my stuff.  I really really want my house and my stuff.  You know how the scriptures say not to covet your own things?  I kind of wondered how you could covet something you already have.  But now I get it.  You could covet you own mismatched, comfy stuff if it were stuck in a warehouse somewhere in California while you wait for your house to be ready.  I plan to continue sinning and repent later.  While I lay on my bed in my house wearing my sweats.


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    Nick said,

    Sorry, I know I shouldn’t laugh… but you’ve got me chortling in the kitchen! I know how important and pressing it feels to “set up home.” I mean, I’ve definitely done it enough times. I am laughing at the thought of sweats…ugh! It was 100 tonight when I was sitting outside Miss’s dance class and 92 when I was driving home from Lowe’s at 8pm with stuff to “puppy-proof” my fence (long story!) You are longing for your sweats… I am longing for the day when I can long for my sweats!

  2. 2

    Mom said,

    Does this mean I can’t covet kisses from Macaroon? Or the corn chips in the cupboard that I’m trying not to eat all at once? Just clarifying.

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