Exuse Us

After dropping Maddie at seminary, Marc at BART, and the two smallest at elementary school, it looked like I might be a minute late dropping Katie at middle school so she asked me to write her a note.

I got as far as “please excuse Kate’s tardy…” and then I didn’t know what to write.  Should I say “we’re late because she had a stomach ache but wouldn’t drink the tea I made her.”?  Or I could blame it on Ellie and say, “because her little sister forgot to go to the bathroom and couldn’t put on her shoes because there was a lump (?) in her socks and she had a screaming fight with her brother because he put a booger on her tongue (I don’t really know about that, I didn’t see it, I just heard the fall out).”? 

Do you think they’d believe me?  I ended up putting a period after “tardy” and hoping for…understanding.


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    Angie said,

    We miss you guys! I’m glad things are going so well out there. I’m sure you’ll be much happier when you are settled, unpacked and into your new routines, but can you come back? Ben always yells, “FOSSE HOUSE!” as we drive past your old place and it has been SOOOO weird that I haven’t seen you at church in weeks and keep wanting to see your smiling happy face. We had to ask for a replacement for Madison on the stake dance committee. You didn’t help with the chili cookoff, etc, etc. You are really being missed.

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