Caveat Emptor!

I’m sitting at Peet’s coffee mooching their free wi-fi because we still don’t have internet at our house.  It is impossible for my family to feel truly at home without the internet and good cable television.  So even though I’ve been unpacking like mad (but still have much madness to go) no one is happy because I chose the $100 a month AT&T bundle for phone, internet, and t.v.  It turns out AT&T/Dish don’t even offer ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, or CW.  I’m not making this up!  What are we supposed to watch?  Yesterday I watched “The 30 Best and Worst Beach Bodies” on E!  LAME!  This is a classic example of you get what you pay for and apparently, we will be paying more for Comcast in a minute.

Speaking of you get what you pay for…turns out the car moving company we contracted with is a total scam.  Our tale of woe is too sad and boring to repeat, the highlights are lies, broken promises, awful customer service reps who actually hung up on me.  I only bring this up so that you never use them.  A little internet research would have been wise on our part.  Learn from our mistakes.


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    Nick said,

    Oh No!!! and Oh No, Again!!! What a disappointment… And during all the premiers, no less…. you poor, poor people!! We moved during season finales and it was pretty ugly until I found the final episodes online (once you get internet, of course!)

    I guess we got lucky when we shipped a car back to CA… felt like it took forever, but the price was good and we got the car back. You DID get the car back, RIGHT???

  2. 2

    Heather said,

    I feel your pain on the car thing and the whole moving thing.

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