The battery charger for my camera has been lost, but I found it yesterday and had a little photo orgy as it were.  Even though lots of stuff is still a mess here, I wanted to share some of the sweet things about the Springbrook Ranch.  Sweet thing number one-it came with a name.  I always wanted a house with a name and this one has it hanging from a sign in the front and everything, but I forgot to take a picture.  Whatever.  You’ll just have to believe me.

Another nifty thing is the totally retro oven, it cooks and everything.  We brought my Kitchenaide double with us, but I’m torn between the two.  This one is just so cute I want to pinch its cheeks, uh, dials.

This is my cute front door and entry way, decorated for Halloween I might add.  I think I deserve points for even being able to lay my hands on any Halloween decorations.  Tell my kids.  Appreciation for the small stuff, that’s what I’m talking about.

So here we have Ellie’s room which still needs work but is getting there, her new Ikea toy bins that I spent half of yesterday putting together but aren’t they nifty?, and the clothes I got her today at The Children’s Place.  Marc says I over share personal financial information (“Shelley, you don’t have to tell everyone how much everything you buy costs,”) but I can’t help it…everything was on sale and those dresses were $6.50 each.  Sweet!

This is the living room, which need ALOT of work, paint, picture hanging, dusting, etc.  And also my little bowl of moss which I think is so cute and fluffy but also weird that you can buy moss, put it in a bowl and call it a decoration.

Oh yeah

Oh yeah

And for the grand finale, my chicken coop.  You heard me right, this house comes with a chicken coop.  And in spite of what my Dad says, I am seriously considering chickens…because fresh eggs plus…fun?  See, that’s why I’m considering and haven’t actually bought them yet.  But I have done my online research. 

Tomorrow I will try to post pictures of my actual family for your viewing enjoyment.  But I do love my things.


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  1. 1

    heytar said,

    Love the house. It has so much charm. Get chickens.

  2. 2

    Aunt Ree said,

    Listen to your dad, remember we grew up on a chicken farm. It is really about feeding the chickens and all the poop BUT the eggs are a good thing. Have fun, enjoy!!!!!! I just love that you are close again!!!!
    Aunt Ree

  3. 3

    Aunt Colleen said,

    I love the oven! Understand why you’re debating trading it out for the more modern. Any room for them all? Three ovens would be awesome. Thanks for the house snippets. Looking forward to more. Re the chickens, free range eggs for the taking….something to consider. Are dogs and chickens compatible?

  4. 4

    Mom said,

    I presume your dad has told you of his truly terrible experiences in “the chicken industry.” He used to be able to make me laugh so hard I cried when he described just how much he hated chickens and just how stupid he thought they were. If you get chickens, do you think he’ll ever even go in your yard?

  5. 5

    Nick said,

    Yea….my mom and your dad just HATED the whole chicken thing. I’d just keep thinking about it, if I were you! Besides, they actually cost more to “home-grow” than the yummy free-range ones available at the myriad of stores you have out there! I am soooo envious!

    Thanks for the great pics and update! I think that you have done a fabulous job of setting up your life in just a short period of time. We miss you!

  6. 6

    Sara Slatter said,

    My long lost friend SHELLY!!!!!
    Wow, I guess when you have not stayed in touch for a few years this is what happens!
    I just started blogging and came upon your blog. I am SO happy for you guys. I miss you like crazy. I don’t want to squeeze the cheeks/dials on your new cool stove, I want to squeeze your kids cheeks!
    Can’t await to catch up. Check out my new blog!

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