A View of the Valley


Usually Jonathan, Ellie and Riley play in the backyard after they (the humans) finish their homework.  We don’t give Riley very much homework because he just eats the pencil.  Yesterday Jonathan wanted to take a picture from the top of the hill so I went with him because I am protective of my camera. 

It is a bit of a walk to the top of the property, but the views all around the valley are fantastic.  We’ve heard that it is especially great for watching fireworks; all VA friends who are just tired of the show in D.C. are invited here for the 4th.

Ellie wanted me to take this picture of her.  I call it: “Ellie, Warrior Princess.”


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    Marc said,

    Hello from New Orleans. We had a 1/2 break and I picked up my picture of me and Jewel and took it up to my room. Since I had a minute, I thought I would check on Barnacle Butt. I miss her.

    Very nice picks. You are so nice to walk all the way up there again. It is a steep, long hike through many horsy land mines. It reminded me of our first FHE in our new house when we climbed up to the top of the property, had a long family hug and just talk to the kids about the new move. Everybody seemed so much more comfortable and happy afterwards. You are always so good at reading the pulse of our family’s needs.

    Can’t wait to feel your pulse tomorrow.

    Love your show!

  2. 2

    Sara said,

    The view is amazing Shelley. I am jealous. It looks like smiles on the kids faces. That says a lot about the parents attitude. I am glad we have reconnected. Your new life seems to fit ya.

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