The Plumber Comes to Fix the Sink!

Seriously, I know this is boring, but I gotta share anyway because it’s this or the low down on my trip to Safeway.

On Friday I was tackling laundry mountain, and when the drain cycle began all this water and ick started bubbling up in the laundry room sink and in the bathroom sink.  Kate calls the ick “dirt and broccoli.”  So I put the laundry on hold and waited for the plumber.

He came today.  So I have this niceness issue where I want to make friends with everyone who comes in my house.  Riley does too, so he sniffs their privates…it’s a veritable love fest over here.  To that end, first I offer Juan the plumber (is Juan Spanish for Joe?) a soda.  Then he comments on laundry mountain so I say I have a bazillion kids and ask if he has kids.  Then we talk about his kids for awhile and pretty soon he shows me a picture. 

And then somehow I end up being Juan’s plumbing assistant.  Clearly ours was a two man job because I spent the morning running up and down the stairs flushing various toilets and running sundry sinks while Juan evaluated our situation.  Is that normal?  Because I paid him $150 and he didn’t even have to set foot upstairs because I did all the sink/flushing duties.  (I want some better duties…hee.)

Anyhow, the lines are cleared and the drains flushed…that’s plumber speak for you, and the laundry is moving along again.  And if I were a scout I’d surely have my junior plumber’s badge…and hospitality. Yep.


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    Mom said,

    This being a rental house, I surely hope the owner will reimburse you the $150. Tenants should not pay for this type of thing. It is one of the great beauties of renting — no responsibilities!

    Love you,

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