twilight-7167Hey everyone who thinks I’m such a loser for missing Twilight, I am not.  I saw it at midnight on opening night so neener neener.  I’m just a loser for not posting about it; sometimes I have a life already.

Maddie and Katie were determined to go to the opening night shindig and as the only mom who felt that midnight movies should not go unchaperoned, I got the privilege of attending with six totally screamish, jumpy, adrenaline charged teenage girls.  It was awesome!

I liked the movie too.  I was too tired (I usually shut off at 9:PM) to really give an insightful review (plus, I’m never really interested in doing that anyway), but I can say that the best part for me was how it made me remember what it was like the first time I fell in love.

How I knew I couldn’t think, or function, or even breath without him.

How much I wanted to touch him, even though I was/am a totally uptight, prudish type person about the boy/girl thing.  Just ask my daughters.

I came home from the movie smiling to myself at those memories.  When I slipped into bed with Marc I whispered to him, “I love you.  And every single molecule of mine, is yours.” 

So I would say “go.”  It may be a silly flick, but it is worth it to relive that overwhelming first love.  Isn’t it sweet?


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    Sara said,

    Let’s just say that Jason would be fine with me going to any movie that makes all those teenage hormones running through my body…anytime I wanted.

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