In Which One of my Psychic Abilities is Revealed


Is this what you find if you leave your family for fifteen minutes to go to Ace Hardware to buy more lights?  With your responsible, you imagined, partner in charge?

Honestly, I have explained to Marc multiple times how when I see our children in precarious situations (physical or social) I have an almost psychic ability to picture, in full cinematic detail, the worst possible outcome of said situation.  And it freaks me out. 

So I’d rather they didn’t all climb up on the roof. 

But you know what?  He doesn’t care.  He thinks I am, get this, “overly worried.”  The roof!  They were on the roof!

Nice results though, eh?dsc00632


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  1. 1

    Jan said,

    Your new home is so cute, I miss you so much!
    Thanksgiving looks like it was wonderful, so great to see pics of your family and
    especially your brother.

    Tell Marc to keep the family off the roof, scary, but they look so happy and pleased
    with themselves!
    Love you!

  2. 2

    Sara Slatter said,

    Seriously Marc, can’t you see the dangers in this. Oh Shelley boys will always be boys. Why did we have to marry them?

  3. 3

    Brandy Anderson said,

    totally unrelated…but I have your xmas card sitting here.
    what’s your address? love. Brandy

  4. 4

    Cori Roth said,

    Hi Fosse Family! I miss you guys too. YW is NOT the same without Maddie and Kaite! When I was in Southern California I got to see the Thompsons (John, Angela, Ellie, Paige, and new baby Emma). Hopefully I’ll make it up North sometime in the near future and can visit with you all. Hope life is going well. Give all the kids (and Riley) a big hug for me.

  5. 5

    Rebecca Ford said,

    He does this stuff because we did it when we were kids and he wants your children to have the same beautiful experiences as we did when we were little (such as climbing on the roof)! And no, I’m not defending him (can you see I’m trying to NOT get in trouble here). He should receive a sound spanking and spend 15 minutes with soap in his mouth for his antics. . .

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