Advent Socks and Voodoo Bears

I know it’s a minute past Christmas, but I wanted to share two funny things that happened over the holidays.

We went to L.A. to visit Marc’s parents for Christmas and on Christmas Eve I was sitting next to Jonathan on the couch when he bent down and peeled a sock off of his foot, only to reveal–another sock!  Before I could comment he started flexing and stretching his feet while smiling and and sighing a contented sigh. 

“That feels so good,” he said.  “And I know it’s really Christmas Eve because I only have one more pair of socks to go.”

Hearing that gave me a moment of discomfort, like that mommy sixth sense that tells you that you might not really want to know what your child is talking about.  But before I could stop myself the word was out of my mouth, “huh?” I asked quizzically.

And then he cheerfully explained, “I’ve been counting down to Christmas with my socks.  I started out with like, seven pairs, and I take off one pair each day.  It was really hard to get my shoes on at first.” 

So I guess crocs are a good thing?  Anyway, when it asks at for readers to share their holiday traditions, I imagine this is NOT what she is looking for.

The prize for my other favorite holiday moment goes to Ellie (of course).  Santa gave her these three little bears that you can stuff yourself.  There is a zipper on their back and a little bag inside that you stuff and then tie closed.  She was so excited and she named the bears Shelley, after yours truly, and Becca and Jenna, after her two Aunts who were there also.  We got them stuffed and zipped promptly so she could play with them.


Later on Christmas afternoon she and I were playing a game with some new flash cards she got.  When I left her to get dressed her Aunt Becca took over for me.  But when I finished in the bathroom I found Ellie hunched over in my bed carefully pulling every bit of stuffing out of one of the bears and sticking it into the other two.  “What are you doing?” I asked.  “You’re going to make a mess!”

“I’m unstuffing Aunt Becca!” she said.

“Ellie, don’t do that,” I scolded.  “That bear will end up all flat, and you’ll loose the stuffing.  Why are you unstuffing it?”

“Because she’s MEAN to me,” my darling daughter yelled.  “And I want her to be FLAT!”

Even though Aunt Becca is one of the sweetest people I know, I also know better than to try to reason with Ellie.  My suggestion was to rename the bear after one of her friends.  But she seriously pointed out that she will probably get mad at her friends sometimes too.  So we decided to just name the bear daisy.  And that made her happy.


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  1. 1

    Becca Ford said,

    hee-hee, I love being the bad guy in the story!!! Really though, we had sooo much fun with you guys, and I miss you all very much – even the bear de-stuffer. 🙂 (Please give her a fat kiss from me and tell I love her.)

  2. 2

    Sara Slatter said,

    Those could be two of the cutest stories ever….I love hearing about your little….ummmmsweetheart!

  3. 3

    Angie said,

    I love the sock advent. He cracks me up. The best part is that no one knew what he was doing…. 😉 What else does he have up his sleeve?

  4. 4

    Grandma Fosse said,

    Wow! Sock advent and bears right under my nose . Where was I? It’s so funny and I missed it. I loved having you here and especially Xmas Eve. I’ve already started wondering when you will be able to come again. I hope sooner than later. Don’ forget Dad has minor surgery on Tuesday, the 13th. Love you all

  5. 5

    Marc said,

    Ya! My mom is on the web. Hope you are feeling well and I will call you soon.

    If you ever commented on my blog, I might still be blogging.

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