Christmas and Disney, Still

Right, I know that Christmas is totally over (although we still have lights malingering over our garage) but I really wanted to put up a few pictures from Christmas and Disneyland.  And I can because it’s my blog.  But  skip it if you want to…I won’t even know so you can’t hurt my feeling.


Grandma, Jonathan and Ellie making a gingerbread train.  dsc00747Marc took maybe a bajillion pictures of us all opening presents, but this is my favorite because it looks like my dad in law got a fancy nightie for Christmas.  I think it’s really sweats…but who knows.dsc008021The rest of the holiday was pretty much defined by Guitar Hero, (which I won on Ebay.  Score!)  because that is all everyone wanted to do after it was opened.  And now we can all sing ALL the words to “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” as it should be.

Annnnd now Disneyland.  There were cameos by Aunt Jenna and Grandma Diana, but the Fosse six shut down the park.  Even though Marc was pretty sick.  Because the rest of us didn’t even care, we just wanted to ride the rides man.  He was such a good dad for putting up with us!dsc00908



I lurv It’s a Small World.  It’s…beautiful.dsc00917

It wouldn’t be our family if Ellie were content, or Heaven forbid, happy the whole day.  Here she is right after she got the princess ears; she’s mad because she wanted some fancy priced dress up thingie that I wouldn’t buy her.  Because I am MEAN (I should be flat).

Tough knock kid

Tough knock kid


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