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So it turns out that in California children have to have proof of a recent dental exam to attend public schools.  I’ve been putting off making Ellie’s appointment for the five months we’ve been here.  Because I am sick and tired of taking kids to appointments that’s why!  But I’ve put it off for so long that now I’m kind of scared to show my face in the school office; I’m afraid that Cindy, the sweet office person, is going to yell at me.

Okay, I know she won’t really yell at me, but I’m scared she will speak sharply to me, and I really hate it when that happens.

So I should just take Ellie to the dentist probably.  Except, here’s the catch, she hasn’t been to the dentist in so long that I’m pretty sure he will take one look in her mouth and speak sharply to me!  And also question me about her flossing habits, of which she has none.

It is too awful to contemplate.

What should I do?


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  1. 1

    Jan said,

    just take her already and smile serenely, they are only baby teeth….

  2. 2

    Paige said,

    Hmmmm. I know the fear of the sharp speakers. I feel your pain. Here’s what I do; when I hear the sharp speaking coming, I smile, nod and start singing a calm familiar song in my head. Sometimes it will be the theme to “Dragontales” or this one

    I agree with Jan. Just do it. You will be glad when you have that scary number checked off of your list of things to do. AND, the sharp talkers can eat it.

  3. 3

    nick said,

    Not looking forward to that appointment myself. I guess that you should bite the butter-toffee and take her in… the good news is that there are lots of dentists to choose from! So, you take her to one to get the ‘bill of health’ and then you can proudly take to to another in 6 months and say….ta da!! I am a GREAT mom to takes all of my children REGULARLY …. and they will never know the difference!! 🙂

  4. 4

    Brandy Anderson said,

    homeschool. jk!
    makes the dentist and/or the school sound better, huh?!

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