Here’s to New Friends



So in my church there is this thing called Visiting Teaching and it is where two woman are asked to be companions and visit two or more other women from the congregation.  I’ve been doing it pretty much all of my adult life.   It’s like a way for all of the women to stay connected, check up on each other (in a good way), make friends, serve each other and all the other good stuff you might imagine comes from such a program, like cookies.

So I’m supposed to visit this sweet lady named Angela.  She is about my age, super cute, a great dresser, and lets Ellie walk home with her daughter everyday after school.  I’ve been uber lucky to meet her and even though I’m supposed to be taking care of her, I’d definitely say she’s been taking care of me.

Last week when I came to pick up Ellie she gave me this pin cushin that she made for me.  I love it.  Thank you visiting teaching, and thank you Angela; I feel more at home in Walnut Creek each time I stick a pin in it.


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    Angela said,

    I know I have made it if I’ve made it on your blog!

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