The Fabulous Flying Budget

Marc and I are on a budget.  He says we are both on this budget, but mostly I am on the budget because it is mostly my job to buy the stuff makes our world go round.  Gag.  I don’t like to budget.  Spending is easier. 

But I believe in this budget and I really do want to make it work so I am trying…trying with a true and sincere heart (do you hear that babe?) to spend our money wisely.  Oh right, and to SAVE money.  Because saving is BEST. 

Don’t you think that if I spend less on something that absolutely has to be bought then that should count as saving?   I should get credit for it, perhaps in the form of back scratches and positive statements like, “you are doing great and deserve to go out to dinner at Cheesecake and have tuna tar-tar.”

So perhaps you also are on a  little budget?  If you are, here is something I recently found:make-up

It turns out that the Loreal Bare Naturale Mineral foundation works exactly the same as Bare Minerals.  And by exactly I mean that it looks just the same on me, not that I’ve actually read the ingredients or anything, but it only costs $12 instead of $25.  That totally counts, right!  As saving! 

You’re welcome.  Oooh, and let me know if you know of any great deals out there, because I believe in this budget.  I’m going to keep telling myself that.


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    AdreAnn said,

    this is not about you post but i had to tell you I watched “Better Off Dead” with Hunter last night. And now he is saying (to me) all the time “I want my 2 dollars. ” It just made me think of you. Happy memories.

  2. 2

    Rebecca Ford said,

    I hate budgets too! But my sweet hubby (a.k.a ‘budget nazi’) has always urged me to embrace our budget with a more willing heart. It’s only been in these last few months that I have – and let me tell you, life has only been easier. Don’t get me wrong, it’s soooo much easier (not to mention more fun) to spend!!

    Good luck with the budget. You can do it! 🙂

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