Learn Something New

I love it when you find out something new about someone who you think you know really well.   Last week my mom stopped by the house, and we were watching the horses for a minute and talking about how the girls are hoping to learn how to ride.  It made me ask if she had ever ridden a horse and she said something about riding once and getting thrown off before she made it that far, and then she pointed across the driveway, gave a shrug, and said, “I’ve ridden pigs farther than that.”

Yeah…she’s ridden pigs farther than that.  Who knew?


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    Sugar B... said,

    Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it girls! And, sweet Shelley, maybe we can add that I was 10!

  2. 2

    Aunt Colleen said,

    She’s says I did, too, but I can’t remember…..mind you, that doesn’t mean she didn’t ride a pig. But, blind guy…ladylike little girl? It does make one wonder if she hasn’t seen just one too many animal fantasies, doesn’t it?

  3. 3

    Mom said,

    Well, this post has gotten me wandering down memory lane. As you already know, I rode a camel in Africa while I was pregnant with you. Fun, fun, fun! And I’ve ridden elephants in Thailand, not to mention sea turtles and dolphins in the Carib, and in little planes upside down. What your post makes me wonder is this: What have YOU ridden, Michelle? I remember (you were too young to remember) when you tried to ride Foo, our little Pekingese. He tried to bite you when you said, “Giddy Up, Foo!” (Your were about two, I think.) I would love to read a post about your own crazy adventures riding some poor beast. Come on, little cutie — spill the story for the world to read.

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