Happy Day


I wrote this last night, but it didn’t post.

Today was a good day.

I went to this really very heavenly used book store in Clayton that I found a couple of weeks ago.  It is small but stuffed with great books, new and used.  So after the kids went to school I sorted out some books I was pretty sure I wouldn’t need to read again, Midwives but not The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Thirteenth Tale, but not Bel Canto, and I got $36 in store credit which I promptly spent, plus $15 more because…oh, who needs a reason.

I am  excited to read Labyrinth, by Kate Mosse.  I have a very good feeling about it.

Then I went to Little Caesars for their $5 hot and ready pepperoni pizza, since it was right next door.  It’s not like I usually need a whole pizza for lunch.  When AdreAnn and I were roommates our freshman year at BYU, we used to scramble together $5 and order Little Caesars (we would beg for extra cheese), then we would wait outside for the delivery guy and attempt to sneak the pizza back into our room without any of our lurvly U-hall dorm sisters detecting it.  Once we were safely locked in our room we would roll up a towel and stuff it against the door/floor crack to block the smell from wafting out into the hall, and we’d turn off the lights and eat in the dark so it would look like no one was home.

That’s how much we didn’t want to share.  I make no apologies.

After lunch I picked kids up from school and had them help me right some of the mess in the yard from rain, weeds, leaves, and falling palm fronds.  Jonathan learned how to work the blower.

And finally, we went to my parents house for yet more pizza and watched last nights American Idol.  I didn’t really like anyone tonight.  Maybe the blond country singer.

And now, I’ll drift off to sleep with my new book in my hands, my sweetheart by my side, and my faithful dog at my feet.  Nothing could be finer.


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  1. 1

    AdreAnn said,

    I laughed and smiled….we even had professional photos with a pizza box, one of my favorite photos. Why did we even take those pictures I don’t remember? And we had to hide because all girls would steal our pizza.

  2. 2

    Lori said,

    Hi, Michelle!

    I know I already spent approx. 45 minutes saying this (in various inarticulate ways) on your voicemail, but I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your blog!!! I actually even tried to subscribe to it a second ago, but don’t think I did it right. Hm. (-;

    Anyway, congrats on your lovely, bookish day, and “yay” for the chicks; I can’t wait to see them! (-:



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