Lilly, Pepper, GG and Cricket

dsc01099Did I tell you that we got chicks?  We got chicks.

They are so CUTE.  Right now they are living in a box in the bathtub because they need a warm little habitat.  They are two weeks old now, so on Saturday we can move them to the garage with a heat lamp.

Our bathroom has never been so lively.  All my human smalls love to play with the chicken smalls.  It is just weird that I go in the bathroom to hold and play with my little chicks, Lilly, Pepper, GG, and Cricket, and then I go in the kitchen and poke the poultry defrosting on my counter to see how it’s doing. 

However we will never eat our chicken pets.  Um, just their eggs.  Hopefully blue ones.


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  1. 1

    Mom said,

    Horses, chicks, what next? Are you turning into pretend farmers? I think the chicks are as cute as they can be. What fun I had as a kid on my grandfather’s ranch. Every morning Coco handed me a brass and copper basket (which I still have) and sent me out to the chicken coop to get the eggs we would eat for breakfast. I loved this so much. And, yes, the eggs definitely tasted better than store-bought. You’re creating wonderful memories for all the human smalls.

  2. 2

    Paige said,

    Cutest little chicks evah!

  3. 3

    Rebecca Ford said,

    Sooo cute!!!

  4. 4

    Sara Slatter said,

    For many reasons I can’t believe that you have chicks. But you are winning in the “cool mom” awards. We have a dog and it is just about putting me over the edge.
    Way to be a good mommy!

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