About a Barnacle

I’m a 38 year old woman, wife, mother, sister, friend, daughter, reader, driver, cook, cleaner, dreamer, eater……… Lucky me!

Oh, and I hate change, hence-the hard earned nickname “barnacle butt.”  Let me use it in a sentence.  Say that the love of my life, Marc, and I are planning on going to a movie…but when we get there, it’s all sold out.  So the love of my life, Marc, suggests that we go to dinner instead, and then I get all upset because I have my heart set on seeing the movie and I don’t want to see any other stinky movie, and nothing sounds good to eat and pretty much my night is ruined because I don’t get to do what I had planned and envisioned.  Then Marc (the totally magical love of my life) might say, “stop being such a barnacle butt.”  Because he is that understanding.

So you can imagine how barnacle buttish I might get if, say, the aforesaid love of my life, were to announce he wanted to quit his job at a prestigious law firm and start his own land development company along with a title and closing company on the side?  And move us into one of the houses he built?  You can probably imagine…it wasn’t pretty.

But now I am trying to embrace that life is all about change.  And I am slow at it, the embracing that is, but it’s a start.


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    Adie said,

    It has been very fun to read your blog. Here is one of my favorite blogs http://cjanerun.com/
    I thick you will love it look at some of here older post
    The Hourglass Theory and Sharing Snacks.
    As you know i don’t write,if i did i want to write like her.
    I love the video!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2

    Adie said,

    I think you will love it look at some of her older post…….like i said

  3. 3

    Leslie said,

    this is megan! i love the fosses!!!

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