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San Francisco

dsc01448We have Virginia visitors here for Spring break and it is so much fun!  I can’t believe how much I’ve missed these kids and how great it is to have them here!

Today Ellie went to a friends house and the rest of us went to San Francisco.  We started out at Pier 39 for lunch and then Marc and I took Avery and Jonathan to the Bay Side Aquarium while the big kids shopped.dsc01468



After that Marc took Jonathan and Avery home for Jonathan’s lacrosse game and I took the big kids to Union Square.  I love Union Square, it is such a vibrant, happy place.  Plus Macy’s is having their annual flower show.  A whole level is full of fabulous live flower arrangements.  Which I have no pictures of.   But enjoy these:








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Each spring thousands of Monarch butterflies make the 2500 mile migration from Mexico to the northwestern states.  Yesterday they winged their beautiful way through our front yard.  It was ah-mazing!

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Lilly, Pepper, GG and Cricket

dsc01099Did I tell you that we got chicks?  We got chicks.

They are so CUTE.  Right now they are living in a box in the bathtub because they need a warm little habitat.  They are two weeks old now, so on Saturday we can move them to the garage with a heat lamp.

Our bathroom has never been so lively.  All my human smalls love to play with the chicken smalls.  It is just weird that I go in the bathroom to hold and play with my little chicks, Lilly, Pepper, GG, and Cricket, and then I go in the kitchen and poke the poultry defrosting on my counter to see how it’s doing. 

However we will never eat our chicken pets.  Um, just their eggs.  Hopefully blue ones.

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Horse Dreams

I feel like I’m showing off every time I put up pictures of Springbrook Ranch because I know most of my reading friends live in VA and I don’t want you all to feel bad just because it’s warm and beautiful here.  Don’t hate me because it’s sunny.

But I have to put up these pictures of the girls and the horses who are pastured behind our house.  Their owner has hired Maddie and Katie to feed and water the horses and when she comes to check on the horses each week she is teaching them how to lead them.   They are having a blast!

This is Benny, a miniature stallion

This is Benny, a miniature stallion.


This is Elle, a gentle older lady horse.  She is retired.

This is Elle, a gentle older lady horse. She is retired.

Having the horses is so fun.  I love watching them our the kitchen windows, and sometimes I eat my lunch up with them.  Benny actually had to leave for the Spring because he is um, I guess, small but randy?  And he is bothering the lady horses.  Blogging is funny because you can sort of edit your life to look rocking awesome cool or whatever (not that I would ever hide the dark underbelly of my stay at home existence), but I couldn’t do anything to make this seem better than it is.  We love it!dsc01055

And I’m not even going to mention that it’s January.

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A View of the Valley


Usually Jonathan, Ellie and Riley play in the backyard after they (the humans) finish their homework.  We don’t give Riley very much homework because he just eats the pencil.  Yesterday Jonathan wanted to take a picture from the top of the hill so I went with him because I am protective of my camera. 

It is a bit of a walk to the top of the property, but the views all around the valley are fantastic.  We’ve heard that it is especially great for watching fireworks; all VA friends who are just tired of the show in D.C. are invited here for the 4th.

Ellie wanted me to take this picture of her.  I call it: “Ellie, Warrior Princess.”

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Try Skype!

This is so cool!  You can download Skype, and then if your computer has a built in web cam (LIKE MY NEW ONE) you can video chat your friends.  Oh, provided they have one too.  But I just checked and you can buy a web cam and add it to your oldish computer for pretty cheap.  And it would totally be worth it because then you could video chat me!  Because you miss me.

Paige and I had a lot of fun doing this the other day, I showed her the whole house and everything.  And then today all our kids chatted and Ellie and Lola had an hour long virtual play date.  And Jonathan showed Matt his Halloween costume. How great is that?  Do it.  Do it.  And then call me.

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It Gets Slightly Worse

Still no cars.

Stillno internet, and they disconnected our phone trying to fix it.

And the cherry on the sundae is I backed my Dad’s car up into a brick pillar and scratched the bumper and rear quadrant panel (I learned what it was called at the auto body shop where I spent my morning).  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought I was past the stage of life where you have to call your parents when you scratch the car.  Why even get old…

Oh, the fun that is my life.  My normal life is crazy, and I like it, but adding a little extra is a leetle too much.  As Paige would say, “Calgon, take me away.”

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