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Hooray for Mean Mom!


Okay friends, and especially Jan, it is time for an Ellie story.

Once upon a time two weeks ago, Ellie had a friend over for a play date.  Her friend was the truly adorable “pocket Pearl,” an itty bitty first grader with the cutest little voice who endures me calling her “the Black Pearl,” and has been overheard refering to bacon as “my favorite vegetable.”  How could we not love her?

Alas, at some point in the playdate she did something Ellie didn’t like.  I missed what it was, what I did catch was Ellie yelling at the top of her (impressively powerful) lungs, “I hate you and I never want to have a playdate with you again!”


I knew a good mom would interfere at this point, but what would said mom do?  I tried explaining to her about treating our friends nicely and apologizing. It got me all of nowhere.  So in an effort to have the punishment fit the crime and whatnot I blurted out that she would have “no more playdates for the rest of this week young lady!”

Ah, way to punish me along with her.

The next day when I picked her up from school she climbed in the van and asked, as she does everyday, “Mommy, can I have a playdate?” 

And I said, “No.” 

And she said, “Why not?”

“Because you can’t have any playdates this week because of how you treated your friend yesterday.” I explained gently or smugly.  One of them.

“WHAT?” she screamed.  Then she went on a screaming tirade about how it wasn’t FAIR, and it was the WORST day of her life, indeed!

So I tried to express sympathy and reinforce the lesson (?) at the same time by saying, “you must feel upset with yourself that this happened.”

To which she firmly replied, “I’m not mad at me, I’m mad at YOU!”

And then I helpfully explained that I was not the one who yelled “I hate you,” at my friend, and I wasn’t the one who wouldn’t apologize, so it was not MY fault that she couldn’t have a playdate.  Can I parent or what?

And then she helpfully explained that I am a “meanie bo-feanie,” and that she NEVER wanted to have a playdate again and she was going to stay in her room forever and, “I am never going to eat again and when you wake up tomorrow you will have a DEAD CHILD!”

And yes, I did laugh.


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Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!


Today is Katie’s BIRTHDAY!  She is the magnificent 14, able to attend dances at last.  I gave her a little impromptu quiz in the car this morning, so here is a taste of Kate (our favorite flavor):

Favorite food?  Cucumbers and tiramasu (not together, I hope)

Favorite movie?  “Fifty First Dates”

Favorite book?  “Twilight” (I think I’m gonna have a heart attack and die from that surprise)

Best place she’s been?  Chincateague Island

Favorite restaurant?  Macaroni Grill or Cheesecake

Beach or snow?  Beach

Best friend or lots of friends?  Lots of friends

Favorite temple?  Washington D.C. because it looks like a castle

Favorite band?  This prompted her to bounce in her seat and shout “Jonas Brothers”

Early morning or late night?  Late night

Cats or dogs?  a whole monologue ensued on how she wants to say dogs because if she didn’t it might hurt Riley’s feelings, but she loves cats too and doesn’t want to make the cats feel bad, and this question makes her feel very uncomfortable. 

Favorite store?  and I quote, “All stores are my friends”

We love you Katie!  You have been a ray of sunshine since you first entered our lives.  Your Dad and I are so proud of your hard work at school, your talents in drama, and especially your tender concern for everyone’s feelings.  Love your show, babe!

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 I just found this list of blogs on the Scholastic website (I was directed there by CJane) and I figured you’d like to know.  Not that we have any more time in our lives for looking at blogs of people we don’t even know.  I barely have time to look at the blogs of people that I do know, or who I imagine I know in the case of CJane.  Incidentally, there is only one degree of separation between me and the lovely CJane; I learned about her blog from my maid of honor, AdreAnn, who was (or maybe is I don’t remember) in her ward.  Cool, eh?

Oh, another reason to totally ignore these cool new blogs is that, in my case at least, the more I read other people’s great blogs, the more insecure I get about my own.  But, I read them anyway.  It’s irresistible. 

And yes, I do realize that I’m telling you to read and not to read these blogs in the same post.   I can’t make up my mind, how can I possibly be expected to make up yours?

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Learn Something New

I love it when you find out something new about someone who you think you know really well.   Last week my mom stopped by the house, and we were watching the horses for a minute and talking about how the girls are hoping to learn how to ride.  It made me ask if she had ever ridden a horse and she said something about riding once and getting thrown off before she made it that far, and then she pointed across the driveway, gave a shrug, and said, “I’ve ridden pigs farther than that.”

Yeah…she’s ridden pigs farther than that.  Who knew?

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A Mouse Called Pipsqueak

mouseThere is a mouse in our house.  Maddie, Katie, and Ellie have seen it.  Marc and I haven’t, but we are inclined to believe in it.  This is a ranch house, after all.

Katie, tender (and dramatic) heart that she has, has named it “pipsqueak” and wants us to “make friends with it because God made all creatures to be loved.”  Blah, blah…blah, blah.  When I was a teenager at girl’s camp there were some young women who felt the same way about bugs, and I thought they were dumb too.

Anyway, I have informed Marc that tomorrow his mouse hunt will ensue, but what I really want to know is, how come Riley, who goes freakin’ barking ballistic over leaves falling in the backyard, doesn’t care about a mouse running through the laundry room?  Seriously.

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Christmas and Disney, Still

Right, I know that Christmas is totally over (although we still have lights malingering over our garage) but I really wanted to put up a few pictures from Christmas and Disneyland.  And I can because it’s my blog.  But  skip it if you want to…I won’t even know so you can’t hurt my feeling.


Grandma, Jonathan and Ellie making a gingerbread train.  dsc00747Marc took maybe a bajillion pictures of us all opening presents, but this is my favorite because it looks like my dad in law got a fancy nightie for Christmas.  I think it’s really sweats…but who knows.dsc008021The rest of the holiday was pretty much defined by Guitar Hero, (which I won on Ebay.  Score!)  because that is all everyone wanted to do after it was opened.  And now we can all sing ALL the words to “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” as it should be.

Annnnd now Disneyland.  There were cameos by Aunt Jenna and Grandma Diana, but the Fosse six shut down the park.  Even though Marc was pretty sick.  Because the rest of us didn’t even care, we just wanted to ride the rides man.  He was such a good dad for putting up with us!dsc00908



I lurv It’s a Small World.  It’s…beautiful.dsc00917

It wouldn’t be our family if Ellie were content, or Heaven forbid, happy the whole day.  Here she is right after she got the princess ears; she’s mad because she wanted some fancy priced dress up thingie that I wouldn’t buy her.  Because I am MEAN (I should be flat).

Tough knock kid

Tough knock kid

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Uncle Jay

I know it’s sort of cheating to just post something funny from youtube,  but this one is worth sharing.  Thanks Aunt Colleen

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