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Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!


Today is Katie’s BIRTHDAY!  She is the magnificent 14, able to attend dances at last.  I gave her a little impromptu quiz in the car this morning, so here is a taste of Kate (our favorite flavor):

Favorite food?  Cucumbers and tiramasu (not together, I hope)

Favorite movie?  “Fifty First Dates”

Favorite book?  “Twilight” (I think I’m gonna have a heart attack and die from that surprise)

Best place she’s been?  Chincateague Island

Favorite restaurant?  Macaroni Grill or Cheesecake

Beach or snow?  Beach

Best friend or lots of friends?  Lots of friends

Favorite temple?  Washington D.C. because it looks like a castle

Favorite band?  This prompted her to bounce in her seat and shout “Jonas Brothers”

Early morning or late night?  Late night

Cats or dogs?  a whole monologue ensued on how she wants to say dogs because if she didn’t it might hurt Riley’s feelings, but she loves cats too and doesn’t want to make the cats feel bad, and this question makes her feel very uncomfortable. 

Favorite store?  and I quote, “All stores are my friends”

We love you Katie!  You have been a ray of sunshine since you first entered our lives.  Your Dad and I are so proud of your hard work at school, your talents in drama, and especially your tender concern for everyone’s feelings.  Love your show, babe!


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