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Hooray for Mean Mom!


Okay friends, and especially Jan, it is time for an Ellie story.

Once upon a time two weeks ago, Ellie had a friend over for a play date.  Her friend was the truly adorable “pocket Pearl,” an itty bitty first grader with the cutest little voice who endures me calling her “the Black Pearl,” and has been overheard refering to bacon as “my favorite vegetable.”  How could we not love her?

Alas, at some point in the playdate she did something Ellie didn’t like.  I missed what it was, what I did catch was Ellie yelling at the top of her (impressively powerful) lungs, “I hate you and I never want to have a playdate with you again!”


I knew a good mom would interfere at this point, but what would said mom do?  I tried explaining to her about treating our friends nicely and apologizing. It got me all of nowhere.  So in an effort to have the punishment fit the crime and whatnot I blurted out that she would have “no more playdates for the rest of this week young lady!”

Ah, way to punish me along with her.

The next day when I picked her up from school she climbed in the van and asked, as she does everyday, “Mommy, can I have a playdate?” 

And I said, “No.” 

And she said, “Why not?”

“Because you can’t have any playdates this week because of how you treated your friend yesterday.” I explained gently or smugly.  One of them.

“WHAT?” she screamed.  Then she went on a screaming tirade about how it wasn’t FAIR, and it was the WORST day of her life, indeed!

So I tried to express sympathy and reinforce the lesson (?) at the same time by saying, “you must feel upset with yourself that this happened.”

To which she firmly replied, “I’m not mad at me, I’m mad at YOU!”

And then I helpfully explained that I was not the one who yelled “I hate you,” at my friend, and I wasn’t the one who wouldn’t apologize, so it was not MY fault that she couldn’t have a playdate.  Can I parent or what?

And then she helpfully explained that I am a “meanie bo-feanie,” and that she NEVER wanted to have a playdate again and she was going to stay in her room forever and, “I am never going to eat again and when you wake up tomorrow you will have a DEAD CHILD!”

And yes, I did laugh.


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The Poo on the Poo Story

I have a few things to say in response to the comments (posted and private) that I received on my last post about the poo playdate:

1.  No way could I make that up.  That would be sick.  Too gross for fiction is what I’m saying; it was a HUGE poo.  From someone else’s kid.  Who wasn’t even in a diaper.  Just…gross.

2.  It would be super fun to write a book, and I’m thinking about doing theNaNoWriMo, but only if Cat promises to do it too.  Promises me in writing on my blog.  Like a virtual pinky promise.

3.  Even though usually my kids are usually the bad ones, and I own that, I just want to point out that in the poo story my daughter was not the one with the poo.

4.  Why hasn’t anyone shared their bad story yet?

5.  And the tomatos…I thought everyone knew about that.  But if you want the run down Paige podcasted about it on mommycast and you can hear about it there.  But it isn’t funny to me yet so I’m not going there.  They were everywhere

6.  And finally the pocket version of the Tide story is that once upon a time Ellie and Kaitlin decided to lock themselves in Ellies room with the Tide, strip naked, smear tide into the carpet and on themselves, and then cry because they were too slippery to open the door.  It was right after we had moved into the new house and we hadn’t removed the locking door knobs off of the kids’ doors yet.  Obviously that was a mistake.

So there you go.  Now come on…share!

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Playdate Gone Wrong

I would love to hear from you if you’ve had a worse playdate than this.

Jonathan’s birthday was last Saturday, and on Friday I let Ellie have a friend over thinking that she would be busy playing thus allowing me to clean and cook in preparation for our first social event (my mom, dad, brother, and aunt were coming for lunch and cake and stuff on Saturday).

It started innocently enough.  Ellie and Sarah (names have been changed to protect the child who will likely never be over here again) went into Ellie’s room to play.  Dress up, I thought.  But instead they found a piece of styrofoam from all of our unpacking and decided to crumble it up into rice sized pieces and rub it all over themselves…especially in their hair.  I don’t know why.  But it made me mad so I scolded accordingly plus administered consequences.  They had to clean up all the toys so I could vacuum.  

Then they went outside.  And did it again.

So I scolded some more.  I think my scolding must not be very effective, but judge for yourself. 

At this point I figured the unsupervised play just wasn’t going to work so I got the girls set up with playdough and toys at the kitchen table.  Sarah wanted to use the bathroom so, of course, I let her.  And she dug all of the wax out of my cute pomegranate scented candles that were on the window sill and smeared it around the tiles.

So I scolded?  And cleaned up.  And sent them back outside without any styrofoam.  

Then the worst part happened.  I was doing dishes when Jonathan started yelling, “MOM, Ellie’s friend is going to the bathroom in our yard!”

I briskly trotted to the backdoor and opened it to find “Sarah” doing a humungous poo on our back step.  I am not kidding!  A poo!  Ahhhhhhhh!

I will not frighten you with the cleaning it/her up details, suffice it to say she had poop all over her (no I don’t know how/why she just did) and I almost barfed several times and used a whole lot of Lysol wipes.  Now I think it is mean to clean a kid with Lysol, but I was in shock and cannot be held accountable.

I double wrapped everything she was wearing up into plastic bags and gave the bundle  to her father when he came to pick her up.  

The weirdest part is that he didn’t seem perturbed at all (boy, I was) and her mom didn’t call to ask what happened or anything…maybe they think that is normal?

So can you top that?  Huh?

And it doesn’t count if any of my children were involved so I don’t want to hear about Matt and Jonathan with the tomatoes, or Ellie and Kaitlin with the Tide.

Anything else goes.

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Try Skype!

This is so cool!  You can download Skype, and then if your computer has a built in web cam (LIKE MY NEW ONE) you can video chat your friends.  Oh, provided they have one too.  But I just checked and you can buy a web cam and add it to your oldish computer for pretty cheap.  And it would totally be worth it because then you could video chat me!  Because you miss me.

Paige and I had a lot of fun doing this the other day, I showed her the whole house and everything.  And then today all our kids chatted and Ellie and Lola had an hour long virtual play date.  And Jonathan showed Matt his Halloween costume. How great is that?  Do it.  Do it.  And then call me.

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